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Refurbished Phones

Have you ever bought a refurbished Cisco phone from another vendor and received this?

Refurbished Phone

When you buy refurbished Cisco phones from NetworkStore, you get more than just a used phone in a box. You get unmatched quality from a company that refurbishes phones the right way.

Full Phone Full Phone

With NetworkStore refurbished phones, you get...

  • Phones that have been tested three times through the refurbishing process
  • New handsets and cords
  • Most NetworkStore phones are fully remanufactured with new housings, displays, stands, etc.
  • Individually boxed and labeled phones
  • Phones that have been rigorously inspected and cleaned, bringing them back to a 'like-new' quality
  • All Cisco IP phones come loaded with SCCP firmware. NetworkStore can load SIP onto most Cisco sets upon request.

NetworkStore is the refurbished IP phone specialist. No one puts more time and effort into making a truly exceptional finished product than we do. Don't trust your company's communications to just any supplier.

Call NetworkStore today at 877-751-1976, or see our list of refurbished phones.